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Bluetooth Hearing Aids - Reconnect to your cell phone television and music. Available at Hearing Solutions

Top Quality Hearing Aid Brands at Hearing Solutions™ of New Hampshire

No one hearing aid brand can meet all the needs of all individuals with hearing loss. Some brands will fit your situation better than others. This is why Hearing Solutions of New Hampshire carries close to 100 different devices made by the leading brands. This allows us to prescribe a hearing aid perfectly suited to your lifestyle and level of hearing loss. At Hearing Solutions one size doesn't fit all.

Hearing Aid Brands
  • Oticon
  • Lyric
  • Phonak
  • Widex
  • ReSound
  • Unitron
Various Hearing Aid Features
  • Feedback suppression to eliminate squeals caused by audio loops
  • Directional microphone for improved hearing in noisy environments
  • Audio compression to automatically raise and lower amplification
  • Telecoil technology for additional amplification on telephone calls
  • Bluetooth allows connections to televisions, stereos and cell phones
  • Prescribed and fitted by a Doctor of Audiology, backed by a warranty

Bluetooth Logo Bluetooth® Our Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids allow connections to TV's, cell phones, stereos and other devices. Bluetooth also allows communication between the 2 hearing aids resulting in improved voice clarity and identification of sound direction. Talk to your Hearing Solutions audiologist about the advantages of Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.

Hearing Aids Most Often Prescribed

Lyric II
100% Invisible
Lyric II 100% Invisible
- World's first 100% invisible hearing aid.
- Batteries never need to be changed.
- Wear in the shower or while swimming.
- Natural sound quality by the ear drum.
- Learn more about the invisible Lyric here.

Nano Ambra
Phonak Nano Ambra
- One of the smallest aids on the market.
- Virtually invisible in-the-ear-canal (ITC)
- Maximum hearing, with minimum size.
- For mild to moderate hearing loss.
- 3 performance and price levels available.

GN Resound
GN Resound Verso
- Designed for exceptional battery duration.
- Excellent background noise reduction.
- Additional volume control via remote.
- Bluetooth connection to TV and phone
- Models for mild to severe hearing loss.
Alta Pro
Oticon Alta Pro
- Most advanced hearing aid on the market.
- Improved hearing in difficult environments.
- Superior feedback control; no whistling.
- Adapts to cell phone and landline use.
- Best for moderate to severe hearing loss.

Clear 440
Widex Clear 440
- Prescribed for the treatment of Tinnitus.
- Harmonic tones cancel tinnitus effects.
- TV and music listening wireless controls.
- Easier identification of sound direction.
- Models for mild to severe hearing loss.

Quantum 6
Unitron Quantum 6
- Best price and value on digital hearing aids.
- Excellent sound quality minus added features.
- Behind and In-the-Ear models available.
- Select from numerous colors and styles.
- Designed for moderate to severe hearing loss.

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